You Asked, We Answered


How do I clean my beeswax food wrap when it gets dirty ?

Rinse and wash with cold water to remove any food off the wrap. You can also use a mild dish soap like Dawn, to help. Allow to air dry on the rack and store.

How do I care for my beeswax Food Wrap ?

1) Use cold water and a mild dish soap when washing
2) DO NOT microwave or use on warm foods.
3) Keep away from hot water or any heat sources.
4) DO NOT use to store meat.

How do I dispose of my beeswax wraps ?

I will rewax your beeswax food wrap pattern for a discounted price - just send me a message and we can make it work :) 

If that doesn't work for you - take a pair of scissors, cut it up into pieces and add it to your compost.

What if I am not satisfied with Wild North Designs?

Send me a message through my contact page. I'm also available on Instagram and Facebook.